Academy Guide

Lasting Impact Academy provides professional and personal development training at an individual level, but that’s not where the training impact ends.

If we want to galvanize our teams and transform our organisations, then the most effective way to achieve this is through our people.

When we individually bring our skills, motivation, enthusiasm, and insights together, that’s when transformation happens. So, Lasting Impact Academy is your personal coach and in-house training team combined. Supporting individuals, engaging teams and transforming organisations.

As an individual you can simply select the training that is right for you, at the time that is right for you, and use our resources to set this training in context.  We help you translate your training into sustainable habits.

If you are managing a team, then you can use the training to support that team to develop new skills, and to create a shared platform of communication and knowledge.  Beyond this, at an organisational level, you can use our training to transform the culture of your organisation. You decide and control how best to implement the development training.

You have unlimited access to the training resources, so you can come back and refresh your skills in any area at any time. Our training resource stays with you and is continually being developed and expanded.

Training Resources

For development training to be effective it requires three elements:

  • 1 The training needs to be credible, accurate and high quality
  • 2 The training needs to be in the right context for the individual or team
  • 3 The individual or team must be able to apply the training

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”

- John Dewey, American Philosopher and Education Reformer

On this page, you will find a range of downloadable documents that will help you to put your training in context before you starts, and support you to reflect on and apply your learning.

You will also find specific resource materials with many of our online programmes.

Learning - Pre-Planning

Learning - Reflection

Learning - Implementation