Links to all our training can be found in the table below.

To get the most from our training, complete the pre-planning exercise and set training in the right context for you (see Guide & Resources). And once you have completed a piece of training, along with any exercises that are involved, be sure to complete and create a review and implementation plan. This will ensure the training has the greatest value for you, and has a lasting impact.

All our training programmes can be completed as stand-alone activities. However, some of our programmes have also been crafted together to create a series of training. We have a Productive People series and an Effective Teams series. The documents below will give you further information about these options.

Good luck, make the most of your training, and please leave feedback reviews so we can continue to improve and develop the training that matters to you.

Productive People

Effective Teams

Lasting Impact Academy Training Programmes

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Lasting Impact Academy Training Programmes

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