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I know you want to support your people and your teams. And I know resources are tight. That's exactly why I created Lasting Impact Academy

A comprehensive resource of professional and personal development training.

Permanently available, so it's always there when you need it.

Flexible, so you can access the right training at the right time.

Inclusive, because you can access the training when and where it suits you.

Adaptable, so you can tailor training to the needs of your people and teams.

Growing, as we add further training on a regular basis

Affordable, even for the tightest of budgets

I want to support your people to feel valued and rewarded by their work, and I want to support your organisation to deliver. Training topics include operating styles, navigating change, overwhelm, procrastination, positive conflict, communication, work management, and much more.

What, Why, and How


A video-based training platform

A comprehensive range of topics covering resilient skills

A flexible resource that’s permanently available and growing


Resources are tight

Challenges are constant

People need support to avoid overwhelm

A resilient team means better outcomes

What you do matters!


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Register your people

Enable people to work individually on training topics


Decide what topics you want a team to focus on and complete training at the same time, to get even greater organisation benefits

The Results

Results for Leaders & Managers

An effective and comprehensive training resource.

An affordable way to value and invest in your people

Flexible training that supports organisational outcomes.

Results for Your People

Feeling more in control and less overwhelmed by challenges.

Understanding themselves better and building tools to support their effectiveness.

Knowing what resilience looks like for them, and how they can develop it.

Feeling valued and rewarded by their organisation and proud of delivering their best work.

Results for Your Organisation

Stronger outcomes – so you can deliver on your aims.

Cohesive teams that value and support each other.

A positive culture of learning, development and growth.

A more productive and better supported staff team.

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Not sure if this is right for you?  No problem.  Here's our training video on the DISC model so you can see the quality of what we have to offer.

To add more value to your organisation, and access all our training materials, just follow the link below to our Lasting Impact Academy site.