Access to our training is on a members only basis.

See how you can unlock all of this for your organisation.

One of our guiding principles is that professional and personal development is a continual process, both life-long and life-wide. This is the reason we work on a subscription basis and continually expand our programmes.  For individuals, our aim is to support your continuing professional and personal development.  For organisations, our aim is to reduce your training budget whilst increasing the investment in your staff.

You might think that investing in development training is unaffordable, especially when other priorities are looming.  You might think there’s a catch and you will be ‘upsold’ further training at a premium rate.  Some organisations might do that – we don’t.  Our cost structure is up-front, affordable and transparent.

For organisations there is simply a low monthly subscription of £25.  This gives you access to a minimum of 50 training licences which you can control and distribute amongst your team or organisation, and which can be expanded if you need more.  Membership gives you full access to all our established and growing range of professional and personal development and training.

For large businesses, or institutions such as universities, colleges or public bodies, we have tailored rates, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

Whichever route is right for you, I look forward to welcoming you into the academy and supporting both your organisation and your people.


Monthly Subscription - £25

This provides access for your whole team (up to 50 learners)

Additional access can be added on the same basis of £25 per month for each additional tranche of 50 learners.

Large Institution

For large businesses, or institutions such as universities, colleges, local authorities or public bodies, we have tailored rates.

Please contact us to discuss this option.

About Us

Lasting Impact Academy is a product of the pandemic. Prior to 2020 our operating model (as far as training went) was to stand in a room and talk to people. Naturally that work dried up, so we needed to find a new model. We tried a couple of things that didn’t work, and then we stopped. We took time to reflect and to evaluate what the long-term effects were likely to be, both positive and negative.

These were:

  • 1 Many organisations are likely to adopt and maintain blended and flexible working from both home and office, which provides opportunities to be more productive but also presents new challenges.
  • 2 Ongoing professional development is essential, but personal development (including maintaining our mental health) is being recognised as having equal importance.
  • 3 People and organisations are becoming increasingly comfortable with virtual working.

I view these changes as broadly positive, but we are also likely to face challenges:

  • 1 Personal productivity and effectiveness is more challenging as our routines become increasingly flexible.
  • 2 Many teams are now working in a more fragmented way, making it difficult to establish and maintain team norms and team culture.
  • 3 The outlook is uncertain, and for many organisations the need to invest in professional and personal development has never been greater, but the resource capacity to do this is restricted.

Lasting Impact Academy is our contribution to building on these positives and addressing these challenges.

Creating the Academy has been both a passion project and a new direction for Lasting Impact. We have been supported by a small and dedicated team (specific mention in dispatches to Sam Jarrold and Louise Findlay).

Going forward, the development of Lasting Impact Academy will be informed by the membership, ensuring we continue to support you, your teams and your organisations, as you meet the opportunities and challenges the future has to offer.

Dave Jarrold

I have been in Edinburgh for over 20 years, although I was born and bred in Yorkshire. I got my first job when I was 13 and I've worked ever since. I've been a labourer, a youth worker, a housing manager and a company director (and many more things in between).

I've worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors. I've spent time in construction, housing, catering, retail, social care, community development, business development and project management. I've been a cog in the wheel for large organisations and I've started a number of small businesses. I've coached people in martial arts, kettlebells, nutrition and both professional and personal development.

I crammed a lot of experience into my first 50 years. But what's more important than what I’ve achieved, is what I’ve learned. I've worked with some inspiring people and others that crushed the soul. I've been part of teams that achieved incredible things and others that simply didn't work. I've had stand-out professional success and dispiriting failures. The thread that has run through all my experience is developing people. What drives me is seeing people achieve their potential.

I'm finally doing what I was meant to do. I see the first 35 years as my extended apprenticeship.